Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

After several years having numerous exciting and unforgettable experiences at it is now time for my retirement.

I would like to take a moment to recall our cooperation over the last years and to let you know that I always have enjoyed my time working with you. In numerous conversations I was able to meet and get to know many interesting and lovely people and to make a lot of contacts. This interesting time of my live, I will always keep in good memory.

The cooperation with you I will miss for sure, but I also hope to see and meet you again from time to time. Please feel free to contact me in case of any questions.

Cold needle perforation, test ink, segments and silicon tubes are still distributed by me.

For your future general inquiries concerning services and technology of AFS please contact my former colleagues of the sales team on the phone number +49 8294 80 494 37 or by e-mail, they will be able to either answer you directly, or distribute your inquiry to the right department.

Thank you for everything and for the future all the best, success and health.

Corona-treatment for:

Cold needle perforation

Extrusion Conical needles pierce the web material (e.g. paper, thin metal foils, PE foils). The grooves in the counter-roller line up perfectly with the needles

Test Inks and Test Pens

Testtinten Test inks from von 34 – 56 dynes in 20ml glass bottles
Single test-pens from 34 - 50 dynes
Nine test pens in a practical carrying-case, from 34 – 50 dynes<
We have recently introduced a new and improved set of testing products to measure the surface tension of plastic foils.



Silicone-Rubber Sleeving

Contact information:


Weidenweg 36
A-2295 Zwerndorf
Phone: +43 2284 2703
Mobile: +43 676 9317331